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İngilis dili Reading testleri


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It’s the time before Christmas in 1988. People are preparing for the Christmas holidays. Many people are travelling from Europe to the USA. They want to visit their families.

On December 21, 1988, a big plane flies from London to New York, USA. There are 259 people on the plane. At 19:03 or 7:03 PM, a bomb explodes in the plane. The explosion breaks the plane.

Parts of the plane fall from 9 kilometers. They fall down to the town of Lockerbie. This town is in the south of Scotland. The biggest part has 90 tons.

The parts of the plane hit the ground. They kill 11 people who live in Lockerbie. All 259 people in the plane also die. At that time, people don’t know that it is a terrorist attack.

Soon after the tragedy, people get information. They know that there was a bomb in the plane. Now, it is clear that it is a terrorist attack. People think that a Libyan man puts the bomb on the plane.

Çətin sözlər: explode (partlamaq, partlatmaq), break (sındırmaq, qırmaq), ton (ton), terrorist attack (terrorist hücumu), tragedy (faciə).